Simon Dredo’s passion for rock bass guitar started after two years of classical guitar studies.

In 1988, he joined Laroxx, a well known Hard Rock band with a great following in the North of the country.
In summer of 1991 after many live experiences across Italy the band started recording their first eponymous album: 12 tracks of pure Street Metal.

Meanwhile Simon began to work with the singer and friend Francesca Chiara on the recordings of the Misstery demo.

In 1992, after some live shows in Italy, Laroxx played a promotional tour in California getting involved in live events at the famous Troubadour and the F.M. Station in Los Angeles.
Soon after the band changed its name into “La Rox”.

In 1995, La Rox released their second album “Help Me Out!” produced by Pick-Up Records and distributed in Italy by Dig-it, Europe by KDC/Point and Japan by King/Nexus. A new tour in Eastern Europe soon followed along with many Radio and TV appearances.

In 1996, Simon started collaborating with other bands both for studio and live works performing different musical genres with great ability for underground bands or famous acts such as one of the best known Italian bands of the 60’s, “I Delfini”.

In 1998, Simon teamed up with the great Italian guitarist Alex De Rosso (Solo/Dokken/Pushking) and six months later became the official bass player for all his projects.

In December 2000, Dredo recorded the third Alex De Rosso solo album.
“The Thin Line Between Black And White” was released in January 2003 (Atrheia/Edel)

At the beginning of 2005, he got asked to tour England with Adam Bomb’s band for his “Welcome To My Disaster Tour” which made him play in the best English rock clubs as headliner for 37 shows.

After getting back home, Simon was asked to become the official bass player for a new big project based in Milan, The LoveCrave.

In March 2006, after several months of hard work, the band signed to German label Repo Records and the highly acclaimed debut album “The Angel And The Rain” was finally released in Europe in October 2006.

In 2007, The LoveCrave won an award at the M.E.I. (Indipendent Labels Meeting) as “Best Italian Band On International Ground” presented by ROCK SOUND Magazine.

The band was invited to perform live at some renowned Italian/German venues and summer festivals in 2008 as well, before starting intensive writing sessions for a second studio album expected in early 2010.

In the same year, Simon was also asked to play bass in a new project fronted by guitarist/producer Nick Savio named CyberCross. A debut studio album called “IRA” was released in 2008. A strong, aggressive set of ten Dark/Goth/Metal tracks (Crush & Burn Records/Gatti Promotions).

In 2009, their second CD “Mega Trip” was published by Crush & Burn Records and distributed by Masterpiece Distribution.

Repo records signed with a new promotion company, the CMM, who promoted the new album Soul Saliva.The new The LoveCrave album “Soul Saliva” was released in May 2010, followed by a new promotional tour in Germany and UK.

The LoveCrave entered the roster of Metropolis Records that produced and distributed the new album Soul Saliva in The United States and in Canada!

In July 2010, The LoveCrave finished the filming for the new video of Thriller (M.Jackson cover)!

The video came out at the end of August when “Soul Saliva” was released in the States. The LoveCrave new EP Crisalide was released in October 2010. A lot of special contents, unplugged songs and the video of Thriller as well.

In October 2014, Simon was asked by his friend Nick Savio to play in the final part of the Hollow Haze – Countdown To Revenge – European tour 2014 for the scheduled Tarja Turunen with Mike Terrana shows in Czech Republic!

In November 2015, Simon got asked to tour again with Hollow Haze for their “memories of an ancient time tour 2015/2016”!

In December 2015, The LoveCrave won the Akademia Music Awards for the best cover song with “Thriller” (M.Jackson).

In November 2016, Simon joined a new project called Room Experience with David Readman (Pink Cream 69) on Vocals. Simon was called to record all the bass lines for their second album which will be released in spring 2019.

In 2018, Simon was asked by the talented Italian guitarist Albert Marshall to record all the bass lines for his first solo album called Speakeasy. The new CD was released on september 14th 2018 by Red Cat records and distributed by Audioglobe. Six instrumental tracks and two songs with Mark Boals (Y.Malmsteen) on vocals. Roberto Gualdi (PFM/GLENN HUGHES) recorded the drums as special guest, in one of the instrumental tracks.

Finally, the new Room Experience CD was released on may 22nd 2020 by Art of Melody music and distributed by Plastic Head. 12 melodic rock songs for this AOR project by Gianluca Firmo with David Readman on vocals and Ivan Gonzales and Sven Larsson as special guests on guitars.

In March 2019 Simon was called by Camillo Colleluori to be part of the new IT’sALIE project with Giorgia Colleluori (Eternal Idol) on vocals, Raffaello Indri (Elvenking) on guitar, produced by Mat Sinner (Sinner, Primal Fear, Rock Meets Classic).

On September 18, 2020, the new IT’sALIE album Lilith was released, preceded by the three videos of the three singles Fire, Wind and Eyes.

On December 9, 2022, after two years of long and hard remote work, due to Covid19 and the consequent restrictions and various lockdowns, the second IT’sALIE album Emosphere was finally released, preceded by the three videos of the three singles Breath of Fire, Beyond Revenge and Undeniable.

Right now Simon is writing new songs for his first solo album! …a new project 100% Rock n’ Roll, simply called DREDO!